As I write this article to celebrate the closing of a fantastic 2011 and the approaching New Year, I have only 2 sleeps to go until an exciting and pivotal event is upon me.

The mention of how many sleeps we have until a certain event seems to be the latest thing, certainly on the social networking sites that I occasionally (ok…… frequently – Lou was watching me type this so had to amend that bit) visit.

Some status’s I’ve seen are even counting down the number of sleeps to a special event in their 20’s and 30’s.
The better ones are those that count down the number of sleeps until the weekend, as if to reaffirm that the rest of the week is not enjoyable and the weekend is a light at the end of a ‘funless’ and monotonous tunnel.

It ties in nicely with all of our New Year’s Resolutions when we start to ignore the fact that we still have several days left until the New Year is upon us, in which we could achieve wondrous results and instead reside ourselves to treading water and coasting until those sleeps pass us by and our calendars change.

How many of us have “slipped” off our healthy eating regime in the morning, only to listen to ourselves offering a conviction that “we’ll start again in the morning”….. What’s wrong with starting again right now and eating healthy for the rest of the day?

I’ve done it myself…. “I’m going to get fit in the New Year”, which is basically code for saying “but I’m going to eat like a pig for the next week until the New Year arrives”

This is all about allowing time to pass us by instead of seizing the moment.

It’s a longer version of the alarm clock snooze where we ask for “just another 5 minutes” before we get up and enjoy the day.

I want my days full of so much fun and excitement that I want to get up before the alarm rings, let alone wait for the snooze to activate.

I want to get so enthused about my resolutions that I start them now and not in a Few Sleeps Time.
All of those Christmas Cards that we receive in December, telling us to have a fantastic New Year….. What about the 2 weeks before that happens – how about having a fantastic NOW!

Of course, we can all look forward to future events with excitement and count down the days til they get here, but make sure you are also enjoying the Now and not simply free-wheeling until those dates arrive.
If you want to eat healthy and shave off a few pounds – start right now – don’t put it off until next week, tomorrow, the new year or in a few sleeps time. Start now – right now!

Here’s to a fantastic Christmas and New Year to you all.
Here’s also to a wonderful NOW for each and every one of you.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Al x

Merry Christmas from Al and all at CSP

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