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I’ve known Lee for quite some time now and had the pleasure of teaching a seminar for his group as well as having Lee join us on our 2010 Masterclass series.

Lee has a wealth of knowledge in the Martial Arts and Karate world and I’m pleased to say he is now writing more articles and sharing his knowledge and skills to a wider audience.

Thank you to Lee for allowing me to share this with you.

AL x


Sensei Lee Taylor is one of the founders, and the current Vice President, of Shushokan; Lee runs club nights throughout mid Wales, at Presteigne, Rhayader, and Llanidloes; assisted by his son Phil who is also a black belt.

Lee has a real passion for teaching and training in karate. He endeavours to improve his skills, knowledge and understanding of Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate by training regularly in Japan and Europe with the leading instructors of the style.

In 2008 Lee graded to 3rd Dan in front of Yamada Sensei 9th Dan Soke and President of the Shito-Ryu Shukokai Union.Lee is also a 4th Kyu with our CSP-Real Combat System .

More information on Lee’s clubs can be found here

Lee’s Shushokan Blog


As a practising karateka, instructor and student I sometimes find myself caught up in establishing a reason for everything I do.

Questioning what will be the outcome, the result, the perceived benefit, whether it is for personal or professional reasons.

I think we can get too focused on needing or wanting a reason for what we do, and wanting to see results or benefits against the amount of work we put in. It is only a natural human response to want or maybe expect something we feel we have worked hard for and have dedicated a lot of time to. Whether it is for training, a grading exam, a competition, self protection skills, or coaching/instructing purposes we usually attach a reason as to why we do it and what we want or expect from it.

We all know that purposeful practise, goal setting, training plans etc are necessary tools to aid progress and help maintain motivation, but sometimes you need to lessen the burden on our minds and our personal expectations and do it for the pure love of it. (Isn’t that the primary reason anyway?)Drop the reason, the benefit, the outcome and like the famous Nike ad campaign ‘Just do it’

When I play my guitar I know what I need to do to improve my playing and skill level, (have been trying for years!) the songs I want to try, the scales and chords that need practising, but usually the best session I have with the guitar is when I just sit there and just play.

Not concerned with any outcome or attaining a goal just playing whatever comes to mind and letting the moment influence me.

The same can be applied to our martial art training. We all know what we have to do to improve regarding our own personal goals and aspirations, for whatever reasons they may be, but every now and again the most liberating sessions are the ones that require no need for an outcome or a result, leaving you to train freely without inhibition. Just like a famous martial artist once said ‘Don’t think, feel..’ I forget his name.!!!!(Bruce Lee of course)

Try it for yourself, whatever your next training session may be, (or guitar practise!) lessen the load on your mind and do it for the love of it. No result, no outcome, no benefit required, just do.

It can be very refreshing and liberating…. then get back to moving forward with your own personal goals and aspirations!


More information on Lee Taylor and his Karate Clubs can be found here
Lee’s Shushokan Blog


Stay Safe and Have Fun

Al x


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