The following sentence is going to ruffle a few feathers..

As I begin to write this article I’m acutely aware of how ludicrous it is most martial artist’s still don’t train western boxing as one of their core arts… There I’ve said it! Let the Fatwa’s follow!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously though, I’m writing this to help promote a workshop I’ve been kindly asked to do at europes premier martial arts exhibition and show Seni 2012 and my section is billed as dirty boxing. I prefer the term Panantukan when referring to the art,the only reason being “dirty boxing” especially in the MMA world normally is limited to some punching in the clinch and possibly a little bit of shoulder bump to straight right! Again, I know that’s a sweeping generalisation but that’s what I see more and more in the MMA community… A dilution of what works, and a rejection of what’s deemed useless.. Where have we heard this before? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having said that, when we at CSP train in dirty boxing we try and utilise the great western boxing structure and also employ the strategies and tools from Kali and in the sporting arena Erik Paulsons CSW. This is some of the material I’m going to show on this upcoming workshop and also how this can dovetail into your existing art. We as martial artists should always try and look at our existing game and how we add add to our repertoire not reduce it.

Al and Mick with their Instructors Terry Barnett and Rick Faye
Al and Mick with their Instructors Terry Barnett and Rick Faye

As Guro Dan Inosanto always points to the Pinoy era boxers of his youth as major influences in his own personal training in regard to his own training and their impact on how the boxers at the highest levels moved and fought too. If someone of Guro’s level and some of the true greats took notice, then what had the Pinoy era added to the sweet science? The answer?… Simple, the influences of Panantukan and Kali training!

We see this now today in the only real boxer worth watching in boxing right now Manny Pacquiao, the first 8 division champion in boxing history and an awesome advert for martial arts, as he is an accomplished Kali practitioner too.

Myself personally, I first got really interested in dirty boxing by watching such greats as Johnson,Tyson,Dempsey,Liston and Turpin..and reading about the great John L Sullivan..all masters of the hit on the break, shoulder bump and arm wrap and wrench boxing. Then I saw footage of the late lamented Sifu Larry Hartsell working the pads and glove drills and realised that there was actually a syllabus for this cool stuff. I then had the good fortune to train with Guro’s Rick Young,Rick Faye and Terry Barnett, and then saw in detail how this art transversed the sport/reality/military and dare I say it traditional worlds. Dirty boxing is found in your katas ,patterns and hyungs too.. You only need to look a little deeper. Pinan Shodans first 6 moves are a cover break and hit on both sides.

In the reality world it’s in my opinion the premier stand up art, and arguably better on the high line than muay thai boxing itself. I see more and more people extolling the virtues of power striking and single shots, this to my mind is ridiculous and dangerous in regard to training and seriously, when was the last time you saw two guys tee off one shot on each other..but that’s a topic for another waaaay more controversial article. To me that’s like wanting to play the triangle in the school orchestra, I’m sure for that split second it’s great.. But I want to be the guy bashing the drums.

That’s why I myself train in a myriad of arts, if I want to play Jazz,rock,pop,hip hop,country & western or even techno.. Then I’ve got at least a working knowledge of the differing styles..after all who wants to be the status quo of martial arts?.. All 3 chords and bad hair? ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the cinematic world dirty boxing is now de rigeur, Batman, Bourne and Bond are all at it nowadays… And their instructor? … My instructor, Guro Inosanto and all the great guys n gal’s I’ve had the good luck to receive tutelage from. As Guro Terry Barnett says..”Panantukan is Boxing+”.. And that’s good enough for me.

So if you’re thinking of coming along to Seni 2012 and if you’d like to have a taste of dirty boxing sign up and you never may find out you’re doing it already! If you’re not, then how about a class at CSP Coventry or CSP MK… Or a monthly workshop.. Or even have us for a seminar?

I’d just like to thank my

Instructors Guro’s Rick Faye,Terry Barnett and Mike Wright for their help in my own study of dirty boxing and Panantukan .. And of course Guro Inosanto for giving us this great art.

See you on the mat…

Mick x



  1. Hi Mick,
    I am keen to attend your seminar at Seni but at the moment I am on a blood thinner so cant even gentally spare nor hit the pads too hard.
    I train at a boxing club and tutor the sprot as well

    Can I attend.



  2. Of course my friend, I’d be honoured
    Mick x

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