Meek, Geek and Weak?

Meek, Geek and Weak… or… Rough, Tough and Buff?

Hey Guys,

Considering I didn’t get cyber-lynched or overly castigated by you my adoring public over last months article, I’ve once more put digit to iPad and embarked on more monthly musings for Micks Martial Arts.

I thought I’d follow on from last months “what drives you“, and respectfully ask you to ponder your preferred adjective from the title of this months article. You could of course pick one..or in my case at least five!!

More and more I see people from across the martial arts landscape and life in general use only one limiting label to define themselves. One of the main reasons I was so drawn to the JKD fraternity was the myriad of differing personalities striving to excel in not just numerous ranges, but different arts…

Also whilst dealing with (in the ’80s at least) a limited exposure to their instructors, financial constraints and major personal sacrifice.. when they could have continued training in one of their traditional arts.

The reason?

I personally think its because, the more variety… the more depth… the more understanding… the more problems… the more solutions. So basically the more the challenge.. the more you understand yourself.

This leads me back to the original question… meek, geek & weak?

I think most of us have been at least one of of those.. especially if you’re reading this and training in martial arts still, then I’ve probably just summed up how you felt in your teenage years.. cause that’s how I felt!

Rough,tough and buff? That’s how I misguidedly viewed myself after achieving my 1st Dan… again though, I was using a couple of adjectives to label myself, as I still wasn’t sure of who I was as a person.. so how did I get over that hurdle? Well, in no where near the same league as the guys in the ’80s…. with limited exposure to my instructors, financial constraints and some personal sacrifice.. and when I could’ve easily trained locally I chose to go the less travelled path like my heroes but for all the same reasons.. variety, depth, understanding etc.

What I’m trying to say is that, through a little challenge in my own life I learnt a ton of lessons from my instructors, which I’m now trying to pass on to you guys, and all the other great people who train with us in the CSP-Family. I need to add right here, that most of these are not martial arts lessons. More how to treat others who are perhaps meek, geek and weak…and hey, we are all a little or a lot like that!

Till next month…

Live long and prosper

Mick x


  1. John Carter

    Nice one!

  2. Enjoyed reading the article Mick… put a wee smile on my face. See you soon:-)

  3. Good read Mr Tully 🙂

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