What Drives You?

Hey guys,

Before I start I’m going to ask a small favour of you all, as this is my first article I’ve felt brave enough to put out “there”…wherever “there” is, please be gentle with me (sounds a lot like my prom night!) and any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Right then, down to the subject at hand, and something that’s puzzled me a lot of late is….

What drives you?

For the purpose of this article it’s to do with martial arts, but I suppose it could be anything you wish to improve on in your life. When I ask what drives you, I’m more interested in what keeps you motivated in your endeavours as well as the initial reason why you stated on your pursuit in the first place.

If what drives you is the fact you need the skillset to handle a perceived threat that may come into your life, and you don’t work in a frontline job that includes the possibility of conflict,confrontation or violence..my first question to you would be why???

If you still felt you needed the skills then I would point you in the direction of others, way more capable than I am to help you achieve your goals, then hopefully through the attainment of those skills, you’d find that martial arts was about way more than the base skill of knocking another human being out and it’s about finding balance in your life.

Maybe what drives you is the urge to be the next mma superstar, then I’d send you to perhaps Braulio Estima and his awesome team over at GB Birmingham. If you invested the time and effort needed to achieve your goal, then hopefully through the attainment of those skills, you’d find out that martial arts was about way more than choking another human being out and it’s about finding balance in your life…. see a pattern emerging?? 😉

What if what drives you is the desire for a successful business, then I’d send you to one of the many friends I have who own and run world class dojo’s, whilst keeping their integrity, standards and character intact…whilst all the time helping others find balance in their lives.

Perhaps what drives you is a need to find purpose and meaning in your life? Then first I’d really need to ask why you feel the need to see if martial arts is the most appropriate vehicle (pardon the pun) for your personal development. As an instructor under in my opinion three of the foremost Jeet Kune Do teachers today, and with Jeet Kune do’s reputation for self discovery.. but with the knowledge that I am, by my own admission a “meat and potatoes” sort of guy, I’d refer you to my teachers, who would try and help you find balance in your life.

While I’m on this point I’d be very wary to advise anyone to seek enlightenment through martial arts alone… hoping the physical yin will be equal to the metaphysical yang is not something I’d bet my house on, as a 28 year veteran of the arts I’ve only seen a handful of truly enlightened people, who have attained this through training alone… whilst I’ve seen lives destroyed by training by the scores!

I see more and more people quickly get caught up in the euphoria that martial arts can bring to their lives, only to crash and burn when they realise how hard it is to maintain that euphoria..again balance is what is needed. So if you’re looking for meaning, I’d send you to Fr. Bob at St John Fisher(my parish church)… But then again that’s just me.

By now you’re thinking, Can Mick field one question without passing it on to one of his friends… and the answer is NO! And that’s the point…no one person has all the answers, because if you’re like me…one day I’m driven by one thing, the next day it’s another. If I have any insight it’s due to my instructors and equally the company I keep!

But, what if what drives you is the chance to meet your heroes and become friends with them, learn skills that hopefully have no place in your everyday life and you feel great about it, realise friendships that can last a life time, find great new friends from all social strata, rediscover old friends, have fun and finally want to train hard in an ‘honest to yourself’ manner….if that’s you?? Well then join the club, because that’s what drives most of us, if we are honest!  

Until next time ROFL literally in your training and thanks for playing along

Mick x


  1. Hey Mick,

    Like it and it is very true well said. I have been training for 16 years and have asked myself many times why I do it, the conclusion is same. that I just love doing it and having a laugh with friends and making friends doing it! What more do you really need? lol.

    happy birthday by the way!

    take care,


  2. Well done great article….please do more

  3. Mick,

    A well written piece of work. Loved the arguments and thought provoking discussion.

    Bravo my friend

  4. John Carter

    Hello Mick,
    Enjoyed your article. For a first effort it was really interesting.
    Well done and good skills…’Author Al’ needs to watch his back!
    Be Well,

  5. First of all, great article… thanks for sharing. First reason for ever wanting to do an MA? I saw a Bruce Lee film when I was about 4, I loved the movement, I thought it looked beautiful. I wanted to move like that. I also wanted to defend & protect like that. It would be 20 years later before I was able to fulfil this wish. I have not looked back since… I have been fortunate to find great instructors, relaxed, good humoured & happy to share knowledge & freely encourage. The happiness & joy I found in achieveing physical goals in MA has been matched by the happiness & joy brought by being in the company of my clubmates led by great instructors. As I say – I have been lucky. MA is now an integral part of me, I cannot imagine not doing it. Another reason can now be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tenki-Ryu-Martial-Arts-Academy-OCFM-Self-Defence/205561716164080 The looks on the faces of these two little ones… awesome!

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