Mick has over 30 years of uninterrupted training in the martial arts with some of the worlds best instructors…and is also Al Peasland’s long-time training partner.

Mick now teaches alongside Al in their weekly classes and seminars, his own ‘take’ on self protection under the Al’s banner of complete self protection
Mick fully believes that his martial arts enriches all other areas of life, and is not just an insurance policy for when things kick off!
Mick is fully qualified to teach his interpretation of his art which includes:-

Kali/JKD, Muay Thai, CSW, Karate, Savate, Silat, Western Boxing and BJJ
Mick also teachs empty hand and weapons (blunt and edged)

Qualifications include:-

  • Apprentice Instructor under Dan Inosanto
  • Instructor under Terry Barnett (Integrated Arts)
  • Associate Instructor under Michael Wright (AMC)
  • Associate Instructor under Rick Faye (MKG)
  • 1st dan wado ryu BASKKA
  • 2nd Dan Deutsche wado kai verein
  • Instructor Phraya Pichai Muay Thai
  • USP Instructor under Bob Spour
  • NLP practictioner
“Mick Tully has been a friend and student for years. His work ethic and enthusiasm make him a joy to train. He has achieved high levels as a student and an instructor in the MKG International organization. I am honored to have him as a part of our group and to call him a friend.
Mick has a great outlook on the art and on life in general. I have found him to be a real thinker as well as a physical talent. We could not hope for a better representative.

Rick Faye – MKG


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Mick Tully



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