CSP-Minnesota Kali Group System

The Minnesota Kali Group was founded over 20 years ago by Guro Rick Faye and comprises of the following arts:-

Kali, Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, CSW, Panantukan, Silat, Weaponry, plus much more.

Mick Tully (full instructor) and Al Peasland (Affiliate Instructor) both under Guro Rick Faye and, with Rick’s permission, have created a CSP flavoured grading structure for students who wish to follow this system.

In addition, both Mick and Al are Instructors under Guro Terry Barnett and his Intergated Arts system, and with Terry’s blessing we are proud to share his influence and guidance in the arts in our own teachings.





White – 8th Kyu

Red – 7th Kyu (Level 1)

Red & White – 6th Kyu (Level 2)

Blue – 5th Kyu

Purple – 4th Kyu (Level 1)

Purple & White – 3rd Kyu (Level 2)

Brown – 2nd Kyu (Level 1)

Brown & White – 1st Kyu (Level 2)


Black – 1st Dan

Black – 2nd Dan




All students start at White Belt.

All gradings take the form of continual assessment rather than performing to a panel of judges at a single grading event.

We honour the typical traditional Karate/Japanese Budo grading format, in terms of the intervals between each grading, as a minimum…

  • 3-4 months between each Kyu grade
  • 6 months from 1st Kyu to 1st Dan
  • 2 years from 1st Dan to 2nd Dan
  • 3 years from 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan
  • Etc

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