AFFILIATE Instructorship with CSP

For fellow instructors who have trained with CSP on seminars and follow a similar approach to the arts and self defence, we offer an Affiliate Instructor qualification

This is by invitation only and requires the Affiliate Instructor to teach part of the CSP-MKG syllabus as well as support CSP events.

In return, Affiliates become part of the CSP family and will be promoted and included in everything we do.

NB: This DOES NOT require Dan grades with CSP. However, proven experience at instructor levels in other arts and a demonstration of teaching ability is a pre-requisite.

Affiliate Instructors have the option of having their own students grade with CSP.

This will require at least one Senior CSP Instructor to be present in a grading at either the Affiliate Instructor’s own club or on a CSP Workshop or Scheduled Grading Event.

Certificates will be awarded from CSP.



There is only one stream of Instructorships under the CSP banner. Instructor Grades require a separate grading and cannot be applied for until at least 1st Dan has been achieved in CSP-MKG system.

The following grades are directly applicable to students of CSP who train regularly within a CSP class and wish to teach the full CSP syllabus in their own clubs.

The level of Instructor will govern what grades each instructor can grade their own students up to.
NB: All certificates awarded to students graded by fellow CSP Instructors, must be ordered and processed through the CSP Head Office.

The time taken for a student to attain each instructor level will be a completely individual process.

GRADUATE Instructor
Can only grade students with the presence of a Senior CSP Instructor.

ASSOCIATE Instructor
Can grade students up to 3rd Kyu Level 2 with or without the presence of a Senior CSP Instructor.

FULL Instructor
Can grade students up to 1st Dan, with or without the presence of a Senior CSP instructor.

SENIOR Instructor
Senior level and above are the only Instructor levels who can award grades higher than 1st Dan and who can also accept students into any of the Instructor programmes or grades.

CHIEF Instructor
Chief Instructors in the BCA, MKG and IA will always be consulted on high level grading and instructorship decisions.

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