The process of learning these wonderful, and ancient skills, and the journeys of self-discovery that you will go through during this process, all go towards making Martial Arts a way of life more than just a recreational hobby.

Over the past 25 years I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced some of this personal discovery and growth during lots of painful and yet enlightening self-reflection and inner-discovery.

It’s with this knowledge and a huge amount of humility that I graciously offer you some of my thoughts and ideas, both on  aspects of physical self defence and personal security, and also on  motivational and self-improvement aspects.

I’ve also been blessed to have met many wonderful people and made some great friendships along the way, and it is with my absolute pleasure that I am able to share with you just a few of their own articles in the Guest Articles section.

A new feature for 2012 is our very own MMA-Articles section. MMA being Mick’s Martial Arts – can you see what we did there?

Mick has well over 25 years of uninterrupted training in a wide variety of martial arts under some of the world’s best instructors. Whilst at the same time leading one of the most full and interesting lives I know.
All this doesn’t come without the odd story or two and certainly without the odd splash of enlightenment.
I think you’re really going to enjoy the frank, honest, humorous and inspiring articles from our very own Mick Tully.

I hope you enjoy these musings and are able to gain something from them.

As Always

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Al x


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