Anyone joining CSP will receive their First Session for Free.

They will then be entitled to train for the following month by paying on a Per-Session Basis – at the cost of £8 per session.

After a month’s trial period, any student wishing to continue their studies with CSP will be required to pay for their training on a monthly basis at the cost of £25/month for access to all CSP-Cov classes.

All students will be expected to join the British Combat Association, and as a gift from CSP, those paying monthly will receive Free Annual Membership, which includes Personal Injury Insurance.



As a member of the Complete Self Protection organisation and British Combat Association, we require that you follow a code of conduct that exemplifies all that CSP stands for and represents and that you always show CSP, the Rick Faye Minnesota Kali Group system and the Integrated Arts system in the best possible light.

Respect all that is “Martial Arts” and always give recognition to the instructors who have worked tirelessly to develop these arts

  • There is something to be gained from every Art, not just  MKG (Minnesota Kali Group), so avoid discrediting other martial arts or the practitioners of those arts
  • Be responsible for your membership renewals and demonstrate good self discipline and organisation in ensuring all paperwork and documentation are always up to date
  • Support your local CSP school whilst offering assistance to fellow clubs, instructors and students from both CSP and other Martial Art Organisations
  • Support the British Combat Association and the MKG and its founding members wherever possible
  • Continually work to maintain and develop all aspects of CSP in order that it may continue to grow and evolve
  • We all have different attributes and abilities, but always work to maintain your fitness and healt
  •  Be an explorer. Go out and seek all that you can to enhance what CSP has to offer. By bringing this knowledge back we can all grow and improve with each other’s help
  • Be honest, respectful, courageous, courteous, dedicated, disciplined, open and hard working




The following Dojo Etiquette has been devised to make you better martial artists. In order to improve yourself within and to ensure that the grades you acquire are worthy, we have decided to implement these rules to improve your training and outcomes. Martial arts are not just physical arts – they encompass many aspects from good values to good practice. As BCA instructors, it is our duty to ensure that you recognise the strengths and weaknesses in your training and become grounded and balanced martial artists that not only are talented but also have fun.

  1. Time Keeping – ensure you arrive on time, late comers will be allowed on to the mat at a convenient time and if make an odd number will be part of the “three” during the lesson
  2. Respect to yourself – ensure you know your limits, warm up properly and give yourself “balance”
  3. Respect to fellow students – ensure you have adequate insurance, know your fellow students limits and seek to help others
  4. Prompt payments – Show the monthly payment card, or pay for the class before the lesson starts
  5. Respect for the arts – Understand the history of the arts and remember and respect the heritage
  6. Respect for the teachers – All instructors (and guest instructors) should be respected and addressed appropriately
  7. Attendance – class attendance will be monitored and recorded and will be taken into consideration for eligibility to grade – those with attendance less than 80% will not be permitted to grade.
  8. Illness – If a training injury prevents you from training, lessons can still be learnt from taking notes from the class – dedication and commitment is a vital part of martial arts.
  9. Gradings – each grade will have basic aims and objectives that you will have to demonstrate to ascertain your next grade. You will be given the attainment targets for the grade you should be working towards after each grade awarded. If you fail to demonstrate any of the objectives you will not pass the next grading. Please note the attendance percentage along with dedication to training will all count towards your grade.
  10. Fun – whilst it is important to learn the disciplines of the arts, it is equally important to have fun. Learning to do something whilst having fun is easier and more beneficial for all of us
  11. Respect for the Dojo – Whether it’s a dedicated martial arts dojo or a church hall, during your martial arts studies the venue should be regarded as a dojo and given respect as an appreciation to the growth and learning that it will help to facilitate.
  12. Respect for your Equipment – Your equipment, from you gumshield to your boxing gloves, is not only there to help keep you safe, but it is also an integral part of your martial arts development, and should consequently be shown the appropriate level of respect. Throwing gloves down or failing to return equipment to the correct storage place will be considered bad etiquette.

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