Terry Barnett at CSP 2013

“World Class JKD”
4 Hours of JKD Instruction from one of only a handful of UK Full Instructors under Guro Dan
Saturday – 6th July 2013 – 9am to 1pm

Mick and I are both extremely honoured to be able to call Terry Barnett our Instructor and as much of what we teach at CSP is shaped and influenced by Terry’s unique style and vast wealth of experience, we are passionate about providing an opportunity to all of our students to train with this great man.

So… for the 3rd year running, following amazing turnouts and support on previous summer seminars, we’re delighted to be able to announce that our instructor Guro Terry Barnett will be teaching for us on our Annual Summer Seminar

The 4 hours will be a masterclass in Filipino Martial Arts and Jun Fan Gung Fu (the art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do)

The seminar will include Boxing, Panantukan (Filipino ‘dirty’ boxing), Muay Thai and Kali – if time permits.

As one of only a handful of Full instructors under Guro Dan in the UK, I cannot emphasise enough how exceptional this seminar is going to be.

Pictured here with Guro Dan Inosanto, Terry Barnett is one of our biggest influences.

He is simply one of the best out there – and I don’t just mean as a Martial Artist or an Instructor!

I shall leave it up to Guro Dan Inosanto to give you an idea who you could be spending the best 4 hours of your martial arts career with…

“Terry Barnett has been my student since 1979. Terry is one of the few individuals to have achieved the rank of ‘Full Instructor’ in the Filipino Martial Arts and The art of Jun Fan Gung Fu, (the art & philosophy of Jeet Kune Do) under my instruction.
Terry’s loyalty, integrity, compassion and excellence in teaching the arts is surpassed by very few.”
Guro Dan Inosanto



Leon Leisure Centre
In the Small Hall
Fern Grove
Milton Keynes

£30 per person

Places will be limited so early booking is essential
(Note – places will only be reserved with full payment)

CSP Student Discount
For ALL Monthly Paying CSP Students there will be a discounted fee
£20 per person

Instructors – Train Free
Fellow Instructors – train for free if you bring 4 or more students

9am Start
1pm Finish

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All reservations require full payment of £30 per person – non-refundable

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