Date Safe – Personal Security on Valentine’s Day

The month of lurrrrve is upon us with Valentines day only a couple of weeks away and so I thought I’d share a few date-safe tips for those embarking on a new relationship and intending to go out on first dates.

  • The most common date-rape drug is alcohol – so know your limits and avoid drinking too much that will impare your judgement.
  • Always keep your food and drink within sight and avoid leaving drinks unattended. If your food or drink doesn’t suddenly has an unusual taste, do not eat anymore.
  • Take particular care of your personal security if it is a blind date.
  • Avoid sharing lifts with first dates, instead, arrange to meet somewhere until you get to know them better.
  • Always let someone know where you are going – it may be useful to have a friend call at a pre-arranged time. If you don’t answer they know you are in trouble and can raise the alarm. It can also be a great way to “make your excuses and leave” if your date is not as hot as you had hoped!
  • Avoid letting your date know where you live after just the first evening. If sharing a taxi, make sure you are the last stop so as to avoid giving away your home address. This does contradict general advice with taxis, in that you want to avoid being left on your own in the cab, however, in this situation it is the lesser of two evils.
  • Consider pre-arranging your transport home, pre-booking a taxi or having a friend collect you.
  • Most importantly, always trust your instinct and be prepared to leave if you feel at all uneasy about your date or the situation you are in.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

AL x

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