Whether you are travelling on business or holidays, it’s important that your personal security measures do not drop the moment you arrive at your hotel.

So here are some simple tips to help you stay safe when using Hotels

Hotel Selection

  • Choose reputable hotels, ideally large chains where you know the standard of service and security you can expect
  • Try to choose rooms that do not have connecting doors to other rooms, that are too close to emergency exits and not too close to the elevator (the noise may keep you awake)

Hotel Parking

  • Always try to park as close to the hotel as possible, in well lit areas.
  • Hotels often have underground car parks, that can be dark, lonely and isolated. Never be afraid to ask for help from a concierge if you are at all uneasy about returning to your vehicle alone.

Room Safety

  • Never give out your room number, take care when charging drinks to your room if you are asked to say the number out loud in public.
  • Always place the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door whether you are in or out, to help prevent hotel staff from entering your room if you do not want them to.
  • Do not use room service door cards that show how many occupants there are in your room (avoid letting people know you are travelling alone).
  • Call the reception desk if you have unexpected callers at your hotel door.
  • Ensure your doors and windows are properly locked when you leave and when you go to sleep

In Emergency

  • Ensure the hotel reception has your emergency contact details.
  • Ensure your loved ones or colleagues have your full itinery and contact details for the hotel.
  • Make note of emergency exits, fire extinguishers and fire alarm points as soon as you arrive at the hotel and your room.
  • If you have to leave in an emergency, check with the reception it is not a false alarm and remember to take your room key and your mobile phone.
  • Always use the stairs instead of the lift in any emergency.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Al x

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