Following our successful Women’s Knife Awareness course, I have decided to focus this month’s self defence tips on Knife Attack

As with all self defence, the primary focus should be on awareness and avoidance, and so below is a list of tips which will help you to spot likely attackers before they have chance to approach you.

The earlier you can spot problems and the sooner you can take avoiding action, the more options you have to stay safe.

Look out for… 

  • Unnatural impediment of your movement
  • Correlation of third party movement to yourself
  • Person approaching at an oblique path – destined to cut you off
  • Sudden changes of state of a person near you (predatory movements)
  • Verbal exchange initiated by stranger
  • Intoxicated persons
  • Target or escape avenue glancing
  • Hidden hands
  • Makes contact- bumps pushes shoves, etc
  • Relative absence of locals or authority
  • Vehicles stopping nearby – in front or behind
  • A second pass by a vehicle – you need to notice it first time to realise it’s a second pass
  • Glances between apparent strangers as they approach
  • Undue attention to your presence

All of these are warning signs that something is not quite right and it is time for you to take action to secure your safety.

A generalisation is that, Knife Attackers who show you the knife, tend not to want to actually use it. Those who do wish to harm you with the knife, usually will not show you the knife in advance.

“Stabbers never Show and Show’ers never Stab”

So pay particular attention to hidden hands, and any unusual body and hand positions which could be hiding or disguising the presence of a knife.

  • Hand behind the back
  • Hands in pockets
  • Palms facing backwards
  • Thumbs hidden behind hand
  • Cupped hands as if holding the knife up a sleeve

As always, stay alert and stay safe.

Listen to your intuition and not your ego.

Al x

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  1. Alexis Kristyan Fletcher

    Terrific comments here as always from Sensei Peasland.

    I am always on the lookout for knife courses and information as I believe it is the greatest threat in society except for multiple assailants.

    If anyone knows of any knife courses coming up I would be grateful if you would let me know Alex @


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