Thanks to all those who have taken the time to kindly review my Fence Concepts Book – here’s a selection of those I’ve received

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Peter Consterdine
British Combat Association

An accompaniment to Alan’s first rate DVD of the same name, this work should go to the top of anyone’s list of books about personal safety and self protection.
The ‘Fence’ concept is fundamental to the successful outcome of a violent encounter and up to press, it has never been outlined and explained as comprehensively.
Alan’s credentials in both martial arts and working the Doors in Coventry is impeccable, as is his clarity of writing. A long overdue book from one of the UK’s best practitioners.


Geoff Thompson
Real Combat System

This is a great read, the most comprehensive book on the fence in the world today.

Al took the knowledge he gained from me in thousands of hours of blood and snot instruction and subjected it to 7 years of pressure-testing on the nightclub doors of a city (Coventry) that was once polled as being the most violent in Europe for its size and population.
That is why this book is important.
It is why I endorse it.
Read it, learn from it and make it your own.
This book may at some time prove life saving.


Terry Barnett
Integrated Arts

I was very fortunate to be given a review copy of Al Peasland’s book on ‘Fence Concepts’. This is the companion volume to Al’s excellent DVD covering the same subject.
One of the things I love most about Al is the way he activley seeks to not glorify the ‘real’ experiences he has had. Instead he allows something extremely positive to come from them by not only helping others avoid confrontation, but also by arming them with proven strategies should they need them.

Like the DVD the book is superbly presented and Al’s humour allows you to digest the darker parts of this subject with ease.

As martial artists we like to think that our training prepares us for all things but Al’s products allow us to investigate and train the areas that, whilst not pleasant, need to be covered.


Warren Jones
Urban Safety

Al Peasland’s new book ‘Fence Concepts’ offers readers a step-by-step guide on how to use the fence in self-defence.

Fence Concepts has a number of photos of MMA expert and seasoned doorman Al Peasland demonstrating various aspects of the fence and offers the most detailed account on this important subject currently available.
As a former Metropolitan Police Self-Defence Instructor, I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding of how to effectively control someone in the ‘pre-fight’ phase of a confrontation.

The fence is the key to effective self-defence and Al Peasland is the man to learn from.

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