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In this DVD, Al focuses solely on the act of Pre-emptively striking an opponent.

Following on from the highly acclaimed Fence Concepts DVD and Book, the Effective Pre-Emptive DVD looks at the last resort option of having to physically strike an attacker in order to prevent harm or injury to yourself.

As always, Al firmly believes that physical action must be the last resort in any confrontation. Avoidance must always be your primary goal, but sometimes this isn’t possible and you are left with no other option but to become “physical”.

When this happens, the most important factor is to be first. However, being first isn’t always a guarantee that you’re going to be effective.

In this DVD, Al shows you how to be devastatingly effective with your initial pre-emptive strike.

The DVD hosts an array of techniques that Al and his contemporaries have tried and tested in real life situations.

Learn how to hit hard, fast, accurately, with explosive power and an intent that will give any pre-emptive strike maximum results.

Learn body mechanics, target and technique selection, padwork and bagwork training, and much much more.

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